Cooking on the fire is much more than just a cooking. It's tradition, culture and entertainment part. We hope that will help you discover new flavors and aromas.

SP "Du skoniai" is a family owned business based in the Lithuania that specialises in BBQ Smoking Woods, Grilling Planks & Charcoal to the barbecue. Our customers include BBQ Teams, Shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Street Food Vendors, Wholesalers or anyone who wants to buy Quality Smoking Wood at great prices. We stock a wide range of BBQ Smoking Woods in Chunks, Chips and Charcoal for barbequing or cold smoking.

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Our products

Wood chips for smoking & bbq

We offer oak, apple, cherry, beech, alder and hickory woodchips. Used in smokehouses, barbecues and grills. 1, 5, 10 and 25 litre packaging are available by request. By request we can make wood chips with client's brand! Our wood chips are made of pure and natural wood with no additional additives and flavourings!

BBQ wood chunks

We offer apple, cherry, hickory, oak, maple, alder, whiskey and wine barrel wood chunks. We recommend to use our wood chunks in smokehouses and BBQ grills. Wood chunks may be placed directly on the coals without soaking. By request we can make wood chunks with client's brand! Our wood chunks are made of pure and natural wood with no additional additives and flavourings

Cold smoking dust

We offer higest quality wood dust for cold smoking - apple, cherry, oak, beech, hickory, barrels and our special blends with aromatic herbs!

Organic charcoal

We offer higest quality organic charcoal from pure hardwoods. The main feature of the charcoal is lumpwood quality that generates: instant ignition with sustainable heat in 15 minutes; temperatures up to 400 C, pleasant natural flavor with great tasting. Flammable liquids are not necessary. 2, 5 and 10 kg packaging.

About us

The first step in our BBQ journey was using Grilling Planks, we were so inpressed with their flavours that we decided to start mass production of them, and have Grilling planks in Cedar, Maple, Oak and Alder.

After a lot of research we decided that the Lithuania BBQ market was being short changed, literally. We decided that there should be a better selection of smoking wood, be it, smoking chunks or smoking chips, and all at fantastic prices, with added discounts for buying in bulk!

We decided that we also wanted to promote traditional Lithuanian Smoking Woods such as, Alder, Apple, Cherry, Oak & Pear, which creates truly mouth watering recipe's.

We pride ourselves on supplying the best quality smoking wood, and only supply Smoking Wood products that have been ethically sourced from sustainable forrests or orchards. All of our smoking wood is air dried and then stored indoors to ensure that you receive that best quality smoking wood available on the market today.

You may have also noticed that our prices are lower than our competitors. Well there is a good reason for this, we want your repeat business, it's that simple. We pride ourselves on offering the best BBQ smoking chunks, smoking chips, grilling planks, Cedar and Cherry Wraps, the best service, and importantly the best price, why go anywhere else?

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Because of the success of our product in the Lithuania, we are now looking for new distributors in other countries. If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please fill in the contact form. We will contact you within a few days.

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SP "Du skoniai"
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Tel: +370 656 54 515